If the disease requires surgical treatment, the patient can be operated by UROCENTRUM specialists and hospitalized at the Department of Urology in single rooms with telephone, TV and own bathroom. After surgery, patients are daily attended personally by their surgeon, and after the hospital discharge, further home care is available. It is an above standard service.

An absolute majority of surgeries is carried out at the Department of Urology of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, The University Hospital Královské Vinohrady.

Transvesical prostatectomy
Prostate resection performed through the abdominal wall, in an open way. It provides a perfect removal of the hypertrophic part of the prostate. Usually, the patient is in the hospital for 8-9 days.

Transurethral prostatectomy
An operation without incision, through the urethra. The hypertrophic part of the prostate is usually not removed completely. The time spent in hospital is 4-5 days. It belongs to the most frequent operations of the prostate.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy
One of modern methods. We remove the kidney stone introducing an instrument into the kidney through keyhole surgery through the body wall. The hospitalization takes some days.

Transurethral resection of the bladder
Operations performed through the urethra, the time spent in hospital usually doesn’t reach over 4-5 days.

Surgery of urethral stricture
Easy in women, more difficult in men. They are carried out under the visual control, the hospitalization is short-term. In men, they usually don’t have constantly good results.

Surgery of incontinence in women
Through an open suprapubic approach or through other various ways suspension techniques using slight incisions are performed. Can be also done as out-patient treatment.

Surgery of hydrocele
It nearly assures that the hydrocele doesn’t recur. The patient can be discharged from hospital a day or two after the surgery.

Surgery of phimosis
It is performed under light general anesthesia, on an out-patient basis. When woken up (after ca. two hours), the patient is discharged to be accompanied home.

Surgery of tumors on organs of the urinary system, mostly kidneys (except bladder)
It is the largest operation performed in the classical open way, with different surgical approaches. Hospitalization usually up to 10 days.

Plastical surgery
Mostly indicated for renal pelvis distension, but also plastic operations of ureters and urethra are performed due to various reasons. The interventions are not frequent.

The operations are performed under general anesthesia, or often under spinal anesthesia which allows to keep the contact with the patient. There are proper reasons for different types of anesthesia, but also the patient preference is accepted.

We don’t carry out all of the surgeries ourselves, but sometimes patient is referred to our colleagues who specialized in a certain types of operations. Therefore excellent results can be obtained.

For further information see the section Provided care.