Scope of services

Most clients come to Urocentrum with some urological problems but lately the number of preventive visits has increased. Especially men over 50 come to ask their health status evaluation, even if they don’t feel any significant urological troubles.

In each of these visits we first make diagnostic investigation with a view to disclose a possible disease and its severity.

The examination starts with a detailed interview with a doctor, then the doctor makes physical checkup, ultrasound exam of the urinary tract organs, sometimes also genital structures in men.

To complete the information, the patient is invited for a laboratory blood and urine (eventually other biological materials) taking. During the second appointment we usually determine the diagnosis or decide to make special examinations. As soon as the diagnosis is determined we recommend and, if needed, initialize the treatment. What special examinations are most common?

The patient has to come for the examination with the filled bladder and he urinates into an adapted WC. The whole process of urination is computerized. It is a simple examination.

Urethral calibration
The process takes only a few seconds, in case of a normal caliber of the urethra. It doesn’t hurt.

Urethral dilatation
This intervention takes little time, too. At the moment of overcoming the resistance of the strictured part it can be accompanied by burning and followed by a minor presence of blood in urine.

As an intervention is used for one-time urine drainage, but sometimes the catheter is left for a longer time (up to weeks). The intervention is usually painless and leads to an appreciable relief in patients who suffer from a sudden urine retention.

Transrectal ultrasound
Is an ultrasound examination with a special probe inserted into the rectum. It is not painful, usually is perceived as unpleasant, takes only a few minutes. Usually there are not any problems following the exam.

An examination which has been told to be very painful. However, that is not true for Urocentrum. For women we use a rigid device, for men a narrow, flexible cystoscope. In both of the cases, the examination is basically painless and takes only some minutes. It is usually followed by a slight need to urine which recedes within 24 hours.

Urodynamic test
It is a complicated technical examination providing information about the function of bladder and urethra, but for the patient it is not painful. The examination takes 20 minutes, the patient lies on the treatment table. There are no problems after the exam.

Biopsy of the prostate
In Urocentrum, it is carried out under ultrasound control by an automatic device taking samples of the prostate tissue through the rectum. We take up to 6 samples, the intervention is painless, but can be followed by the presence of blood in stool, urine or sperm, as well as by temporary temperature peaks up to 39 degrees. That is why the patient is assured by antibiotics.

Doppler imaging
It is a very specialized ultrasound examination helping to detect problems of the blood flow in the examined organ. The exam is painless and the patient won’t distinguish it from a common ultrasound examination.

Urethral and vaginal swabs
Are made with a special little loop-like instrument to have material for a microbiological examination, mostly to prove an infection. A swab takes only few seconds but in men it can cause a following short burning of the urethra.

We also offer other examinations, as taking of urothelium samples, removing foreign matter from urethra or bladder, removing splint from urethra, targeted taking of urine samples from urethra, securing small veins in bladder, changing of catheters indwelling through the body wall into a kidney (nephrostomy) etc.

For further information see the section Provided care.