Medical staff

Urocentrum - doc.MUDr.Miroslav Hanuš,CSc.

Miroslav Hanuš,M.D., Ph.D.

Started as a general surgeon and urologist at Kladno hospital. In 1976, at the new Clinic of Urology in Prague, he became assistant of professor E.Hradec, the founder of modern Czech urology. In 1990 he was appointed Head of this clinic and Chairman of the Chair of Urology at Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education. In 1992 he decided to leave top positions in university institutions and started to build the centre of modern comprehensive urological care.
Since 1986, M. Hanuš has been a member of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer. He has presented and published the results of his scientific work in USA, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and most European countries. He is a member of American Academy of Sciences, Societé Internationale D’Urologie, European Society of Urology, Comitee of the Czech Urological Society, heads the Association of the Contract Surgeons – Urologists and is active in other institutions. In November 2008 dr.Hanus has been elected a president of the Czech Urological Society. He publishes at home and abroad. In addition to his daily practice dr. Hanuš is involved in scientific research mainly focused on urological oncology (cancer of prostate and bladder).

UROCENTRUM within this activity organizes or takes part in diagnostic and pharmacological studies on national and international level.

M.Hanuš MD is a medical consultant in urology for the American Embassy and is also a Court expert in urology, internationally recognized.

Urocentrum as.MUDr. Michaela Matoušková, urolog, onkolog

Michaela Matoušková, M.D., urologist, oncologist

She graduated at Faculty of Medicine in 1989. She started at the Department of Urology and Surgery at Kolín hospital. In a short time she came back to the Prague Clinic of Urology in Karlov, where she had worked as a scientific force even in time of her studies. Her first publications on radiation and noise load during concretions crushing with a shock wave and long-termed consequences of lithotripsy on the kidneys parenchyma. Two attestations in urology (1992 and 1995) and an attestation in clinical oncology (1994) have determined the direction of her specialization and interest. Problems of urological oncology and infections in urological practice are the superspecialisation that she lectures on repeatedly at scientific congresses of urology, oncology and infections medicine. Her capacious publishing activity is focused on urooncological problems and pharmacology in urology. She participates notably, as a professor at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, on education of the future medicine doctors generation. She lectures at scientific events of postgraduate medical doctors education, held by the Czech Medical Chamber. She is one of the founders of oncology section of the Czech Urological Society and she participates actively on its operation. She is also a member of the Czech Oncological Society. Recently she has lectured at congresses at home and abroad, she is the author or a co-author of many publications. She monitors pharmacological studies of the applied research in which Urocentrum takes part in worldwide measure. Besides medicine, her main hobbies are gardening, traveling and golf. She is a quality red wines lover. She is surfeited on chocolate products. In golf, she has reached appreciable results, in 2005 she won the golf tournament held by the president of the Czech Medical Chamber and many other tournaments.

Urocentrum - MUDr.Peter Kaplán, urolog

Peter Kaplán, M.D., urologist

Dr. P. Kaplán graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Košice in 1987. In 1992, he completed his first residency in urology and became a second-grade specialist in urology in 1996. He has been a member of the medical staff at Urocentrum since April 2002. He specializes in diagnostics in all areas of urology and in out-patient care. During the years of his work at Urocentrum, he has become well-liked by our clients and has earned the respect and esteem of his colleagues, thanks to his knowledge, honest approach to work and professional conduct.






Urocentrum - MUDr Pavel Verner, urolog

Pavel Verner, M.D., urologist

Pavel Verner graduated in 1975 from the Faculty of General Medicine in Prague. Afterwards, he worked at the surgical ward in Strakonice and in 1976, he moved to Prague to the newly opened Urological Clinic of Prof. Hradec. Here he became a first residency in urology in 1980 and second-grade specialist in urology in 1983. Within his work at this clinic (until 1996), he focused in particular on urooncology, ultrasonography and andrology. Following two years, he worked at Urocentrum at simultaneously, he undertook a function of Director of professional representation for the Czech Republic of French medical company Porgés and participated in the HomeCare development and expansion in Prague. Between 1998 and 2008, he was employed as a chief physician of the ambulatory part of Urological Clinic of 2nd Medicine Faculty of Charles University in Prague Motol. As of September 2008, he works again at Urocentrum.

He is author or co-author of 90 lectures and 50 publications and lectured medical students of 1st and 2nd Faculty of Medicine in Prague, as well as urologist postgraduate education. After the year 1989, he participated in the research fellowships in Germany, France and USA. In nineties, he was a chief editor of “Rozhledy v urologii” magazine and within his work at the Urological Clinic in Motol, he acted as a member of the editorial board of “Česká Urologie” journal and member of the Professional Committee for Urology of Czech Medical Chamber. Currently, he is a professional editor of “Urologie pro praxi” periodical. Furthermore, he has been appointed as an authorized expert in Urology and is also a correspondent-member of American Urological Association, member of International team of St.Luke‘s Episcopal Hospital Texas Medical Center in Houston and member of European Urological Association and European Society for Sonography in Medicine and Biology.

Dr.Verner is married and his wife Eva is considered as a notable alergolo-imunologist. Pavel is keen amateur photographer and musician, and his further hobbies are traveling, hiking, skiing and bike cycling.