Provided care

For a systematic expansion of its activities in the field of specialized practical medicine, participation on clinical surveys, medical students and post gradual doctors education, lectures, publishing and enlightening, Urocentrum Prague represents a new type of a complex professional care. The personal care about the patient, especially on an out-patient basis, is connected with activities usually offered by clinical departments of university hospitals.

Worldwide trends in medicine aim more and more to provide medical care especially in out-patient form. Either, more and more medical operations are possible to be carried out in out-patient way or with one-day hospitalization

Urocentrum Prague is a workplace which, for the complex range of services and professional care approach, represents a new type of medical institutions, for which we use the name of outpatient urooncological clinic.

What is urology, what type of diagnoses and treatment you can have – directly in Urocentrum or mediated, can be found on site Electronic textbook of urology.

Equipment of finest European standards allows fast and accurate diagnostic (flexible cystoscopes with colour monitoring, ultrasonographic devices with multiplanar probe and thermoprinter, colour Doppler ultrasound, device for painless taking of tissue samples, urodynamic unit etc.).

All useful information from 11 PC terminals, 4 ultrasound units and a new urodynamic set is directly saved on the server by special software. Information from cooperating laboratories out of Urocentrum come to the central server, too.

Performing minor operations in an out-patient way is possible in the surgery. The concentration of services allows determination of diagnosis and suggestion of treatment after only two appointments.