About Urocentrum

Urocentrum Prague was founded in September 1992 with the aim to offer a complex urological care in a form that had not been available in the medical care till then. At present there are over 18 000 patients registered in Urocentrum, over 1 000 clients from abroad, and in 2005 the annual attendance reached nearly 30 000. UC is equipped with the top modern medical devices, regularly renewed, and has a sufficient space and laboratory background. For cases requiring a short-term intensive treatment, usually applied intravenously in bed, there is a double room available in Urocentrum, equipped especially for this purpose.

Urocentrum also has a section focused on applied clinical research. In this area, there is a cooperation with Czech and foreign institutions executing studies for big pharmaceutical companies focused on developing new medicines, especially antibiotics, cancer treatments, benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment, urine incontinence etc. In the section, there are always several concurrent studies in process.

The experienced medical staff of Urocentrum, under the chairmanship of M.HanuĹ_ M.D., is further superspecialized (in oncology, neurology, uroinfections, the aging problems and sexuology). Its members take part in scientific congresses at home and in abroad, lecture and publish results of their work and participate on post gradual education of young urologists.

In cooperation with the 3rd Faculty of medicine at Charles University, lectures for medical students take place in Urocentrum. Members of the medical staff of Urocentrum are also associate examinators in specializing exams for medical doctors in urology.

In addition, the UC team takes part in enlightenment and information activities concerning urology in media (press, radio and television). This enlightenment is to be a way leading to every citizenâ_™s active interest in proper health and should contribute to a more efficient prevention of serious urological diseases.

A modern three-level internet textbook Interactive Urology (editor M.HanuĹ_ MD) has come out of Urocentrum. It is a collective work of a range of authors. It is available on www.zdravcentra.cz and its basic level is dedicated also to curious non-specialists.