Top-of-the range, European quality equipment that enables precise and rapid diagnosis (using flexible cystoscopes connected to a colour television circuit, ultrasound apparatus with a multi-planar probe and thermographic records, colour Doppler ultrasound devices for pain-free tissue biopsy and urodynamic units etc.). The new Evis Exera II video-complex system from Olympus 3D represents a world-class innovation. It is a thin, flexible videoscope (without optic cables) with a CCD chip. The control unit converts signals from the camera onto a high-resolution LCD monitor (HDTV image sensor). The normal colour images thus acquired facilitate the detailed assessment of mucosa changes colour as well as the selective assessment of suspicious lesions using NBI (narrow-band imaging) technique. The images are stored in the device´s memory and recorded in the patient´s electronic documentation. Using this device, it is possible to remove small bodies from the urinary bladder and perform certain surgical procedures.

All necessary information from 11 PC terminals, 4 ultrasound machines and a new modern urodynamic system are stored directly on a server using specially adapted software. This central server also receives information from contract laboratories outside the Urocentre. The Urocentre has contractually secured access to collaborating laboratories and diagnostic centres. This ensures the on-line accessibility of all examinations and tests performed. Recently, the Urocentre has been equipped with the Siemens PACS system, which enables on-line transmission of imaging examinations (MRI, PET, IVU etc.) to the Urocentre patient database. Drinks machines offering hot and cold beverages as well as soups have been installed for the clients´ convenience.

Minor outpatient surgical procedures may be performed in the examination and operating rooms. By centralising procedures, it is possible to determine the diagnosis and propose a therapeutic plan during just two visits.