Above standard treatment

In addition to the diagnostic and treatment services, UROCENTRUM offers:

These services are not reimbursed by the insurance and the client is free to choose a treatment:
– treatment with consultation service
– individual treatment

Treatment with consultation service

The treatment is paid through the insurance; in addition the client has numbers of the direct line and mobile phone of M. Hanuš M.D. In working hours he can consult his problems through the direct line, in spare-time hours he can use the mobile phone (at any time).

Individual treatment

What advantages does the individual treatment have?

The offer of these medical services is a response to repeated clients‘questions of a high above standard service. The possibility of a personal treatment is afforded only by M. Hanuš M.D. It is dedicated to a limited number of patients who want to have personal observation, permanent contact to doc. Hanuš and individual medical treatment mode.

The regime of laboratory and diagnostic examination and medical controls is adapted to the client’s queries and time available – as soon as he comes to Urocentrum, he is treated or tested without delay. The necessary additional examinations or treatment in other places are agreed on by the Urocentrum members with regard to his working schedule. – When it is technically possible, the essential communication is resolved through e-mail. – The client gets doc.M.Hanuš’s personal mobile phone number with a right of consultation calls any time, even after working hours,- a special phone number of the direct line for making and changing appointments – In case of urological surgeries, the operation is performed by M.Hanuš M.D. with follow-up personal care guarantee.

Under what conditions is it possible to have the individual treatment?

This treatment is not completely covered by the health insurance. The patient fills in a simple printed contract documentation and gets a gold card for clients with personal treatment. In this regime, the patient can be treated with drugs that are not common first choice medicines, but from the professional point of view they are indicated for him. The same happens for some examinations. Related costs are entirely paid by the patient.

In the individual regime, it is possible to make health status consultation appointments with preventive sight, when the client is completely checked up. Usually, one of these appointments a year is enough. The fee is CZK 5000.

Further information at Urocentrum reception.